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by Donna Rentfro on Hair by Alla
nailed it

Alla truly "nailed" the hairstyle I was looking for. She asked many questions about the color and style I was looking for before she got started. I am so happy.

by Liliya Pigolyuk on Hair by Alla
Magic Hair Stylist

I used to get bad experience with my hair and I was so happy when I met Alla. First time I visit her my hair was a mess, Alla took care of me, gave me great advices so finally I started enjoin my hair.

I had extension done by Alla and I love them!

I was pregnant and didn't see Alla for some time and my hair got dry and very unhealthy. ..... I thought I have to cut my long hair, I was scared! And I decided to see Alla again. She, like always, did her magic! She saved my hair again! I'm so happy I am back. I will recommend Alla's service to anyone.

by yana on Hair by Alla

I had a great experience at my first visit with Alla getting my color and haircut. Alla is a pleasure to work with in addition to being a very skillful hairdresser. She is a true professional. I love my color and cut and am going to see her for the 2nd time bringing my mom and my grandma!!

by Diana Weber on Hair by Alla
Alla is the Master

I came to Alla at the recommendation of a friend and I count it as a nearly life-changing event. I am no different than most of you with our hair being very important to us and our appearance. My hair is very fine with no body at all and I had a very bad haircut with lots of layers. I wanted something carefree as I love to camp, and I wanted something to make me as beautiful as Alla herself. I was skeptical but I found her to be a master with hair. She worked her magic with some extensions she put in my hair. The result was beyond my highest expectations. Even my very honest friends raved about it, they said it looked so natural that they wouldn't have believed they were extensions if they didn't know the "before" me. I loved it. I could throw my newly long hair in a braid, bun, ponytail, side-ponytail, or leave it straight. I didn't have to wash it but once every 2 or 3 days, perfect for camping. People said the extensions made me look beautiful and shaved about 15 yrs off my age (I'm nearly 58). The only warning I would have is that you may get as addicted to them as I have. I've had Alla do extensions for me for nearly a year now. I am sold on her as I've never been able to trust someone with my hair as I have Alla. In fact, if she moved across the country I'd probably have to invest in a flight to have her work her magic on it. If you want someone who listens to what you want, who can look at you and your hair and instinctively know what to do, if you want to step out of the salon a new person, go see Alla.

by Dana on Hair by Alla
Yes, I was nervous


I made my first appt. with Alla with a Living Social coupon. Yes, I was nervous my hair is important to me. I went in for a cut and color. We discussed my hair type, color, current cut, what I had issues with and then she got to work. I was so happy. It was going to take a couple sessions to get my hair cut where it would perform best due to the layers, but I walked out loving my color & cut. I got tons of compliments. Went back a few weeks later & got a 1 month Keratin treatment, again nervous. Actually slightly terrified after as my hair was so straight. I have naturally wavy/slightly curly underneath hair. It was different but ended up really enjoying it. It lasted a little longer than a month and as we were coming into summer I didn't get another. Now that our weather is so much wetter I'm going in for another Keratin and few days after my color and can't wait. Alla is very talented. She listens and does her best to give us what we say we want. Sometimes it is difficult to explain what we're trying to do with our hair and I believe it takes time to learn to explain effectively what we want. I like Alla's skill level, creativity and am so glad I took that keep of faith with my Living Social coupon. I highly recommend Alla!!

by Wendy on Hair by Alla
Hair Extensions

Alla gave me the longer, thicker hair I have always wanted! I am so happy with my hair extensions. My close friends and family are amazed at how great they look and how we'll they match my highlights and lowlights. No one can even tell that I have extensions and where the extensions begin and my hair ends! I have fun with braids and ponytails and from straight to curled styles! I am so happy I finally did this! Alla is so talented at extensions and truly knows what she's doing! My first extensions lasted nearly 6 months! Unbelievable! I have thin hair and could never grow it long! I am so happy now! Thanks Alla!!

by Elena on Hair by Alla
Great skills and excellent service

I have been Alla's client for many years and have been following her to different locations in the Portland area. It is hard to find a perfect combination of great professional skills with wonderful personality and understanding of client's needs that Alla has. I highly recomend her to anyone looking for a personal stylist.

by Neha on Hair by Alla

Alla made my hair straight, baby soft and silky smooth. My hair was little damaged from the ends & it was so difficult to comb them. I approach for Japanese hair treatment, which was not good for my hair health. I like the way she tried to understand the history for my hair during the process & than tried to did her job in a best way. Her job was not only limited to work done ....but it was to do her best. I was afraid before meeting her & mentally prepared that something worst will happen to my hair. Alla made me comfortable & let me know good , better, best & worse about what is going on during process of straightening. I went home satisfied, happy ...Thanks Alla šŸ™‚

Dear Neha,Thank you for your trust. I may say it was a challenging work. I was so happy to figure it out and do my best! I am looking forward to work with you again and together, we can get your hair in healthier condition, improve and transform your hair back into silky, soft, shiny and easy to manage gorgeousness.

by Dianne on Hair by Alla
cut and color

Just moving to the area, I needed a new hair stylist so took a chance and bought a voucher on line. This was several months ago and I have gone to Alla regularly since then and have been very pleased with her work. She does an excellent job on my cut and color. She is quite talented and uses her artistic skill to style for your particular hair and face. And best of all, she listens to what I say! I also like that she will make recommendations. It is hard to find a new hairdresser - I'm glad this was easy!

by Marilyn on Hair by Alla

Alla did an amazing job on my hair. Iā€™m very happy with the beautiful color and cut she gave me. She was professional and really listened to what I wanted. I will return for another visit.

by Angelina on Hair by Alla

Alla is wonderful hairdresser, she does amazing things with hair. She can cut, color plus hair extensions...quite unique combination. Every time she has new idea for my hair to look even more gorgeous. I have fine hair and it took me a long time to fined Alla. I drive from Salem and it defiantly worth it.

by Celine on Hair by Alla
hair cut and color

she knows what's going to look good on you. I like the hair cut, she really lisens to what I want and she's good at matching the color that you want too.

Dear Celine, thank you for your feed back! I always look forward to see you in the salon and work with you!Sinserelly Alla

by Kathi on Hair by Alla

I have never had so many compliments as I have had since I've been seeing Alla. Every week, someone will comment on how beautiful may hair color is as well as my extentions. The color matches my skin so well w/ all the high and low lights she places. The extentions are so natural that many people don't know that this thick beautiful hair is by Alla! My Mother also see's Alla and the same for her when she goes to the gym to work out. Everyone raves about the hair cut and color that she has. I must say, Christmas pictures were the best this last year! Our hair was beautiful. I would say she'll be our hair dresser for years.

by Barbara Sibley on Hair by Alla
Great stylist

I found Alla at Trio about 8 months ago and my life has changed since! I have extremely naturally curly hair and have spent over 50 years trying to tame it (unsuccessfully) or crop it short (too severe). Alla encouraged me to grow it out and softly let it's natural curl provide a more flattering framework for my bone structure. It is so much fun! Alla had the knowledge and foresight to know how the style would evolve with length and how to naturally encourage the curls. She also mixes the most natural color I've ever had keeping my grey-at-bay with just the right touch when I need it. I completely trust her skills, wisdom and asthetic eye. I recommend her highly.

by Griselda on Hair by Alla

I have worked with Alla for about 2 years. She is a professional and Amazing stylist!! I learned so much from her, she has being my role model ever since I met her. I have always admire her work, and the passion she puts into it. Alla thank you for being such a great person, who loves what you do!!

by Ilyse Landsman on Hair by Alla
Passinate and Trendy Stylist

Alla is one of my clients. She purchases Goldwell haircolor from me. For those of you that are not that familiar with Goldwell, it is the best color on the Market! My close professional parteneship with Alla is something that I value. I see her work on Facebook daily and I admire her passionate commitment to her clients and hair! I truley reccommend Alla if you are looking for hair extensions, color and a great look. Our motto here at Goldwell is "Closer to Sylists. Closer to Hair". I love working with Alla šŸ™‚

by Tamara Knyazev on Hair by Alla
Alla is Amazing!

Alla is absolutely amazing! She is very experienced and a great professional! It is a pleasure working with her. She has always done terrific job with color, haircut and styling for me. I love her!

by Slava on Hair by Alla
skilled and talented stylist

I am very, very grateful I found Alla several years ago. Better than any hairstylist before (and I have been to many) she understands my ideas of what I want to have done with my hair that day and then she does it effortlessly. She has cut my hair a variety of ways so far, colored it, styled it for special occasions, and will style it for my wedding in the fall this year. I trust Alla. Her work made me realize I have beautiful hair and learned to love it and enjoy it.

The quality of her work is exceptional and I would recommend her to everyone. Thanks Alla for your superb work!

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